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The growth and popularity of Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Pinterest has brought a new life to Online Personal Training as fitness enthusiasts and fitness beginners now follow and request online training from fitness experts on these social networks. The popularity of these social media platforms has allowed trainers to monetize their knowledge and expertise on these platforms. The leading social network is Instagram as it allows bodybuilders, trainers and fitness models a way to express and demonstrate what you can do for clients if they come on board with you.

Instagram and Online Personal Training

For Instagram Bodybuilders, Fitness Experts and Personal Trainers the phrase “A Picture is worth a thousand words” is now “A Picture is worth a thousand Dollars”. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, taking your business online and into the social media world can mean big dollars. While many are reluctant to offer advice or put pictures of their clients progress, providing a living example of what your clients are capable of accomplishing with your services is an easy way to gain followers and have Instagrammers inquire about your services. The key is to grow your audience so that numbers are in your favor and odds are someone will inquire:

Below are a few simple ways to gain followers and grow your audience:

  • Tagging pictures with Fitness inspired Hash tags (#)
  • Provide a detailed description of your picture
  • Provide simple yet unique facts that followers can use in their personal life (diet secrets, changes in their lifting form, etc.)
  • Develop a website that offers an insightful blog (again offering insightful tips)
  • Offer multiple packages on your website that allow customers to sign up and purchase immediately
  • Answer fans request on Instagram (worst thing you can do is ignore them)
  • Develop a Brand (Great example is Bradley Martyn who has grown his followers to 76687 with his own marketing/giveaways and hash tag #BMFIT)
  • Tell YOUR Story (having a background of where you came from and how you got to where you are today is key!)

Instagram has honestly become the best tool for Personal Trainers to capitalize on for Online Personal Training as it allows you not only a visual of what you can do for clients, but also a way for you to explain what went into the training. To take a step further, it allows you to correspond back and forth with potential clients without having to resort to Email, Text or a Phone Call.

Online Personal Training and Facebook

Online Personal Training

Facebook allows you to give a more in depth look at your training in the gym along with you training clients at your own personal gym. It also allows you to market and re-market folks who potentially may have forgotten about your Online Training and with a monthly reminder of your packages you can now remind them of your services. Facebook has in some ways replaced the necessity of Email Marketing if its done right. Statistics have shown that once someone likes “Your Page” the chances they will “Unlike” is highly unlikely unless you’re constantly putting up junk.

Allow Facebook to be an extension and confirmation of what you demonstrate on Instagram. The reassurance of what you do and the success you have with clients around the world will now put ease in the buyer when they decide to hit “BUY NOW” on your website.

Benefits of Online Personal Training

As someone who has tried both in-person and online personal training, I think there are definite advantages to both. If you’re a beginner or someone who enjoys face-to-face interaction and/or a set structure, in-person training is probably best for you. But if you just need a little nudge or some extra expertise, an online trainer is a great way to make your investment last alot longer.

Explaining to your clients the benefits is critical as well.

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