Author Website Design ServicesAre you a first time or veteran author looking for a web designer? Look no further as Tony Enterprises specializes in designing websites for authors, book series, and for publishers.

We love assisting authors in the branding process and make it come to life in their official website. Along with designing a website that highlights your upcoming book or previously published books, we also assist with marketing and growing your audience.

In our digital age, the first thing most of us do is Google: a genre, book title, authors name or books similar to a successful novel. So with Search Engines in mind and your brand in mind, we design a good website that will rank in Google when searching for:

  • Your Name
  • Books
  • and any other work you published or worked on

Why Authors should Develop a Website?

One of the benefits of this is you are now in CONTROL of your brand and the image that is put out because its YOUR WEBSITE that is being found for these things. Many of us fall victim to having 3rd party articles show up when searching for the above topics and in some cases its good, but in other cases it can be damaging.

Take control of your brand and expand your book marketing efforts by contact us today!

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