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Fitness Models, Bodybuilders, and Personal Trainers are frequently getting published on sites like, and other main stream fitness sites, but its time to flip the script and direct clients, fans and potential sponsors or prospects to your own Personal Website.

Many ask, Why would I create my own website if I simply just compete in fitness competitions or if I Personal Train at my local gym? The real question is WHY NOT? 

Below I have listed why the next step in your career should be developing a website (preferably with us)

  • Build Credibility: Many will turn to your website to see your past shows, your clients before/after pictures, as well as how many times you have competed and placed.
  • Tell Your Story: Many of us started out slightly overweight or discovered the gym after an event in our lives…regardless, we all have a story and we should be the one who should tell it. Many times it’s those stories that land endorsements, a new client or a feature in a magazine. Letting people in is a great way to gain interest.
  • Offer Services: Whether you’re a trainer, bodybuilder or fitness model ..  many will look to you for advice and direction as you have lived it. Offering Online Personal Training or Diet Plans can be a great 2nd source of income.
  • Promote Sponsors: Sponsors love to see that you’re willing to endorse them once you have been picked up. Many expect you wear their products and advertise your success. Linking them on your website is a great way to show you appreciate their endorsement.

The underlying theme here is that its time think of yourself as business or brand. Your efforts in the gym will not only pay off on stage, but off the stage as well. Now is the time to capitalize on the gains and knowledge you have built over your career.

If your needing assistance or  if you’re a Fitness Model, Bodybuilder, or Personal Trainer looking for a website designer? Tony Enterprises specializes in designing websites for Fitness Moguls.

Tony Enterprises has worked with Orlando Personal Trainer Paul Southern as well as with Orlando Personal Trainer Ramel. Our team has successfully developed their brands and websites which has driven them new revenue through Google Rankings.

Contact Us by Calling 850-543-6119 or By Filling out the Contact Form 

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