Are you a Fitness Model/Competitor, Bodybuilder or Personal Trainer Looking for a Web Designer?

Well Look no further as Tony Enterprises specializes in designing websites for Fitness Moguls.

Websites for Bodybuilders

Fitness Models, Bodybuilders, and Personal Trainers are frequently getting published on sites like, and other main stream fitness sites, but its time to flip the script and direct clients, fans and potential sponsors or prospects to your own Personal Website.

Tony Enterprises has helped athletes develop and expand their brand through marketing and web design.

Why do I need a website?

Once you step on stage, you are now a brand/business. You have the opportunity to turn your passion for fitness into a profitable venture. Below are several ways you can capture an audience with a website:

  • allowing fans to follow you on your journey to your next show
  • offering advice/insight to potential clients through blogs/videos/pictures
  • Offer Online Training (nutrition/diet packages, weight/cardio routine packages, a combo of diet/weight/cardio routine packages

Having a website developed can also:

  • Build Credibility: Many will turn to your website to see your past shows, your clients before/after pictures, as well as how many times you have competed and placed.
  • Tell Your Story: Many of us started out slightly overweight or discovered the gym after an event in our lives…regardless, we all have a story and we should be the one who should tell it. Many times it’s those stories that land endorsements, a new client or a feature in a magazine. Letting people in is a great way to gain interest.
  • Offer Services: Whether you’re a trainer, bodybuilder or fitness model ..  many will look to you for advice and direction as you have lived it. Offering Online Personal Training or Diet Plans can be a great 2nd source of income.
  • Promote Sponsors: Sponsors love to see that you’re willing to endorse them once you have been picked up. Many expect you wear their products and advertise your success. Linking them on your website is a great way to show you appreciate their endorsement.

Basic Website Package -$850.00

>Custom Logo Design Services To Promote YOUR Brand
>Custom Website Design & Web Hosting Setup
>Custom Blog
>Built to Optimize Google Rankings
>Mobile Friendly Web Design
>Domain Name Management
>Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Additional/Optional Items:

SEO (Google Rankings Optimization) $300.00/month

    • Site Structure Analysis
    • Keyword/Term Analysis
    • Site Structure Enhancement
    • Body Text Enhancement
    • Coding Enhancement
    • Link Building
    • Search Engine Submissions
    • Content Writing Improvement
    • Meta Data Analysis and Configuring
    • Site Permalink Structure and Improvement

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If you’re needing assistance or  if you’re a Fitness Model, Bodybuilder, or Personal Trainer looking for a website designer? Tony Enterprises specializes in designing websites for Fitness Moguls.

Tony Enterprises has worked with Orlando Trainer Ramel along with MIM Fitness and his brand and website has driven him new revenue through Google Rankings.

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