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The MLS/IDX search is a great tool for the average home buyer to search for potential properties, but the big question here is it hurting your Website?

Many would quickly say, No way! Well you may stand corrected Ladies and Gents.

After some analysis with an Orlando Realtor, our team noticed that..

MLS Searches on Real Estate Websites Hurt Your Google Ranking:

Here’s why:

  • Return a ton of 404 errors or better known as “Not Found Errors”
  • Pull in information for cities/states you do not manage/work
  • Provide the Agents information i.e. allowing the buyer to go direct and eliminate you
  • Some even take you to a complete new “Website” and most people forget what site they were previously on
  • Create bogus pages that do not pitch YOUR Services
  • They eliminate the Personal Feel or Touch a realtor does for you

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY…… They do not capture the LEADS Information

So even if the BUYER is interested you have seemingly either:

  • Sent them to a new website,
  • Sent them to a not found page
  • Provided them the agents information
  • Presented them a listing that has been sold
  • Sent them to a page that is in an area that you do not manage.

Having the MLS search at first glance seems like a great tool for potential buyers to gauge and look at what might interest them, but truly it leaves every SALES angle out of the question.

SEO Services for Real Estate Agents

Our company provides SEO services as well as manage websites for real estate agents and our primary goal is to help realtors get a return on their investment i.e. drive qualified leads to their website.

With that in mind, we encourage realtors to move away from IDX tools as Zillows, Trulia and many others already provide those services to consumers. Not to mention, those services often invite browsers or window shoppers to your website and not the qualified leads that you truly seek. If you are seeking additional ways to drive business, launch city specific driven sites like Windermere Florida Realtor and Winter Garden FL Realtor.

Also as we mentioned before because of the constant changes in real estate, people may land on your website from an IDX listing and get a 404 error (not found) which will only upset the visitor. Credibility is key and having bad listings among the list I presented earlier on your site only makes people question what you can offer.

Your brand and your ability to deliver whether on your website or as a broker/agent is key and when someone lands on your site for wanting a home in Georgia and you service Florida… There may be a problem.

If you have any questions regarding MLS listings and how it can affect your website or want to learn more about our SEO Services, Feel Free to contact us or Call us today at 850-543-6119.

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