BrandingWhile a website and SEO services can truly draw in customers, what will keep them coming back and understanding the value is a strong BRAND. Many of us our guilty of wanting to simply stick to certain brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour as we know those BRANDS deliver quality products. 

This same mentality and message should be what you’re sending out through your logo, website, marketing material  and overall message of your business.

Every industry is extremely competitive, but what separates the top Earners in the typically industry is a strong BRAND.

The owner of Tony Enterprises, Anthony Fernandez, has specialized in branding athletes and growing their net worth through marketing and branding. His success has led him to help Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and Growing Industries with developing a strong Brand and marketing plan to coincide with that.

In this tough market, it’s critical for every business to have a strong brand that defines what their organization not only offers, but what it stands for.

What can I expect?

Our work focuses on brand management, including competitive positioning, and the impact that marketing mix and resource allocation have on sales and profits.

As products and services become more difficult to differentiate, branding that cultivates a strong, trusted image can help build a larger, more loyal customer base. Tony Enterprise’s approach to brand management, marketing mix and resource allocation more than doubles revenue growth rates.

We begin by mapping the market share and profit position of the client’s brands relative to its competitors. We then help clients apply that information to manage brand portfolios, from the development of strategy to tactical allocation of resources. Properly managed, a powerful brand name, coupled with effective consumer and trade marketing, can be a formidable competitive weapon.