Grand Oak Manors Partners with Tony Enterprises for Marketing

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Grand Oaks ManorTony Enterprises has long worked with an array of industries, but most recently we have partnered with the Grand Oaks Manor. These new luxury homes near the Villages are ideal for growing families or for those looking for a good retirement home near the highly sought out part of Central Florida. While the attractions surrounding Grand Oaks Manor are enticing, the 100-acre community also has some incredible amenities including a 3,000 square foot clubhouse that houses a fitness center as well as an event space perfect for birthdays, baby showers, gender reveals and more! When you are not working out in the fitness center you can make your way down to the pool where they have a beach entry as well as lovely herb garden surrounding the premises.

How Can Tony Enterprises Assist?

Our Team recognizes how difficult it can be to move up in the Google ranking as well as establishing an internet presence that drives revenue through SEO.

With the assistance of our SEO Experts, we can help remove that headache and roadblock your company once had and assist you in driving revenue like never before.

With our SEO Services, Our goal is to turn your visitors into your clients. We recognize that this competitive market now requires companies to seek NEW business from a range of sources including the Internet.

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Are MLS and IDX Searches Hurting Your Website?

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MLS and IDX Searches on Real Estate WebsitesThe MLS/IDX search is a great tool for the average home buyer to search for potential properties, but the big question here is it hurting your Website?

Many would quickly say, No way! Well you may stand corrected Ladies and Gents.

After some analysis with an Orlando Realtor, our team noticed that..

MLS Searches on Real Estate Websites Hurt Your Google Ranking:

Here’s why:

  • Return a ton of 404 errors or better known as “Not Found Errors”
  • Pull in information for cities/states you do not manage/work
  • Provide the Agents information i.e. allowing the buyer to go direct and eliminate you
  • Some even take you to a complete new “Website” and most people forget what site they were previously on
  • Create bogus pages that do not pitch YOUR Services
  • They eliminate the Personal Feel or Touch a realtor does for you

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY…… They do not capture the LEADS Information

So even if the BUYER is interested you have seemingly either:

  • Sent them to a new website,
  • Sent them to a not found page
  • Provided them the agents information
  • Presented them a listing that has been sold
  • Sent them to a page that is in an area that you do not manage.

Having the MLS search at first glance seems like a great tool for potential buyers to gauge and look at what might interest them, but truly it leaves every SALES angle out of the question.

SEO Services for Real Estate Agents

Our company provides SEO services as well as manage websites for real estate agents and our primary goal is to help realtors get a return on their investment i.e. drive qualified leads to their website.

With that in mind, we encourage realtors to move away from IDX tools as Zillows, Trulia and many others already provide those services to consumers. Not to mention, those services often invite browsers or window shoppers to the your website and not the qualified leads that you truly seek. If you are seeking additional ways to drive business, launch city specific driven sites like Windermere Florida Realtor and Winter Garden FL Realtor.

Also as we mentioned before because of the constant changes in real estate, people may land on your website from a IDX listing and get a 404 error (not found) which will only upset the visitor. Credibility is key and having bad listings among the list I presented earlier on your site only makes people question what you can offer.

Your brand and your ability to deliver whether on your website or as a broker/agent is key and when someone lands on your site for wanting a home in Georgia and you service Florida… There may be a problem.

If you have any questions regarding MLS listings and how it can affect your website or want to learn more about our SEO Services, Feel Free to contact us or Call us today at 850-543-6119.

Hiring an SEO Company

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

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Since launching Tony Enterprises, I’ve had the privilege of partnering with a range of companies from Mom & Pop to companies running aggressive national internet marketing campaigns. During the initial phases of discovery, 7/10 typically express being burned my a previous SEO company or simply seeing little to no results.

Contracting a company to assist with growing your business is tough enough, but to add another layer of complexity, not many business owners are “in the know” when it comes to SEO or How to Rank in Google.

Many owners or employees assigned the task to find an SEO company have a “general idea” websites work, but the hurdle of knowing what to look for in an SEO Company is still one that many organizations. Here is a guide of 10 Musts that should be done before hiring an SEO Company:

Question #1: Has your company had success with driving leads and moving sites up to Page 1? Examples?

Unlike hiring other contractors, its tough to gauge the success of an SEO company unless you were referred by a current client of the firm.

So how you avoid falling for the trap of them Over Promising and Under Delivering?

As them to provide examples of clients getting leads or have them provide you keywords of their current clients that drive business and are on page 1. Also you can ask them to connect you with a current client that will vouch for them (many businesses shy away from this but it this is the best indication of what they can do and if they have good standing relationships with clients. Most happy clients will be happy to do so).

When looking at the websites they suggest they manage, make sure to look for any marker or links that confirm that company manages their SEO (most companies still put at the bottom of sites “Managed by XXX”.

Question 2: How long before you think we can see results and leads coming in? Time-Frame?

Setting realistic expectations is key when it comes to SEO. There are many factors that contribute to a site moving up the rankings. Most SEO companies will take the approach of first analyzing the sites current state.

**Just like mechanics do with cars (60 point inspection), an SEO company should do a preliminary check on the following:

  1. review their links
  2. on-page content
  3. site structure
  4. meta titles/descriptions
  5. review of competitors sites
  6. site speed

These 6 points should provide an SEO company a good foundation for what needs to be improved and the overall health of the domain/site.

Quick Note: If a company automatically begins to provide you cost estimates before this phase, many times they are simply looking for a quick buck and tie you down to a 6 month/12 month contract. Companies really looking to help you grow will do their homework and ensure they are able to get you out of the mix you may potentially be in.

Expectations for New Websites versus Existing Websites

New Websites

Just like a new brand that has hit the market, it will take some time for a New Website to index (or find its place in Google). Depending on the size of the website it can take up to 3 months for the site to finds it home among the competition. In some instances, things will move quicker, but a lot of depends on the size of the site, submitting a sitemap via Google Webmaster tools and several other factors.

Existing Sites

Unlike New sites, google has probably already indexed your site and has a relative idea as to what you offer/service. Depending on what your site may be lacking, some initial changes may result in some movement in the search engines, but if your site suffers from a google penalty the climb back up may take a bit longer.

Question 3: Does your Company Outsource its SEO Responsibilities?

This is one of the most important questions as many companies will cut corners and simply outsource link building and a majority of the day to day task to India or other parties overseas. While many companies are forced to do this because of time and cost, the reason you should know this upfront is there are many cases these 3rd party companies that they have contracted do not have your best interest in mind.

What do I mean? From experience, many Indian companies charge extremely low prices to provide SEO services because they provide poor/low quality links. The preferred method is to have an SEO company that understands the value of getting industry relevant links and is willing to do outreach or networking or purchase a link.

Question 4: Does Your Team have technical knowledge and the ability to make changes to my Website?

While a good percentage of SEO can be done without making drastic changes to a website, there will be cases an SEO company will need to make changes to the website. For the chances they do, its best if they have someone on staff make the changes so its seamless and its exactly what they are needing done.

I’ve had clients have issues with past SEO companies that requested changes to their web developer and only a several things were done. In return, the hired SEO company was at mercy to the web developer because they didn’t have someone internally to make those changes and inevitably slowed down the entire SEO process.

Question 5: How will we communicate and how often?

Too many times I hear from new clients that they never heard from their SEO companies and only heard back when it was time for the client to cancel. An SEO company should be reaching out atleast once or twice a month based on the level of involved they have with your website/SEO campaign.

How Can Tony Enterprises Assist?

Our company is equipped with trusted and personable SEO experts that are happy to review your website and provide you a Free Quote to turn your website around and make it a revenue generating platform. Most importantly we will walk you through your where your current site is at and realistic expectations as to when you can see an increase in traffic and showing up for keywords that align with your companies product and services. Learn more about our SEO Services

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Why Authors Need An Official Website and Marketing Plan

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Marketing AuthorsMany first time authors and even veteran authors have relied on their agents and publishing companies to market their work, but times have changed and those companies have shifted their marketing efforts. Many publishers rely on you to market your self pre and post book launch.

Unfortunately, many authors don’t know where to start or what to do as their days have been spent writing their next novel.

Not to worry, this is where this article comes in handy as I will help explain how to get started on your marketing plan and how an official website is a great place to start.

So lets started, first off…

1. Purchase a Domain (i.e.

The first step to branding yourself, especially on the internet, is to purchase a domain. My go to for purchasing domains is as they offer very cheap domains that include a Whois Protection (this hides your personal details from someone wanting to find out who owns the domain i.e. address, phone number, etc).

*Side Note: Many authors purchase the name of their book or book series… this is a great time to do this all at one.

2. Develop a Website

Author Website ExampleThink of this as the platform that will forever promote your brand, your books and any future ventures you may do in your writing career. As we all know we are in the digital age and the first thing most of us do is Google our interests. So with Search Engines in mind and your brand in mind, a good website should rank in Google when searching for:

  • Your Name
  • Books
  • and any other work you published or worked on

One of the benefits of this is you are now in CONTROL of your brand and the image that is put out because its YOUR WEBSITE that is being found for these things. Many of us fall victim to having 3rd party articles show up when searching for the above topics and in some cases its good, but in other cases it can be damaging.

Learn About our Author Website Services

3. Develop a Logo / Iconic Symbol

Aprils_Logo_250x250Brand recognition is incredibly important no matter what stage of your writing career you are in. Some authors are blessed with slapping their name on the book and having everyone run to the nearest book store and pick it up, but until that day its important that you have a symbolic icon/logo that reminds them its your work. To the right you will see an example of a logo I designed for an Author.

You may still ask yourself why have a logo? We are a society of labels and icons .. think of the last time you went to buy clothes, groceries, computer, etc.. you typically reached out and grabbed the product in which you recognized the BRAND or LOGO. You want that same reaction the next time someone wants into a bookstore sees your new book and grabs your book because its by “X” author and the logo is staring right at them.

4. Start a Sign up for Book Release Notification

Book Pop Up for AprilThink of this as your personal lead list or list that have shown interest in wanting to learn more about your book. As I mentioned before, so many authors have relied on their publishers to grow their readership and audience, but what if one day you decide to self publish.

I’ve spoken to authors in the past who worked with publishers, had great success, but then the relationship took a turn and all the marketing and branding was done by the publisher so there were left at square 1.

While your readers won’t run away, it’s important to keep them engaged and have them in your back pocket to let them know of upcoming books, book signings, book tours and much more.

5. Blog about your Experience and Upcoming Book

Engaging your audience and keeping them interested throughout the duration of the book process may be one of the most critical parts of marketing for an upcoming book or even after a book is launched. A perfect example of keeping your audience engaged is what I did with first time author Dawn Bell where we blogged about her experience as a self-published author as well as a look in at the ups and downs while writing a personal memoir.

During the book writing process, this kept those who were on the fence of buying the book a look in at what they can expect as well as a way to connect with a new audience. At the bottom of each post, we set it up where someone can sign up to be notified when the book was available i.e. building the book list like I mentioned in #4.

6. Get Social (Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads)

If you are like most writers, you find yourself on the computer atleast 10 hours a day. During those 10 hours, you typically jump on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to break up the time and to catch up on the latest news.

The question is how can we turn that into business? Great question, create yourself an official Facebook Fan Page for your brand  i.e. a separate account for people to able to just like your page versus having to send a friend request. Feel free to keep your same Twitter account or in the case you don’t have one, make sure to sign up!

Facebook and Twitter gives you an opportunity to promote #2 (Your New Website), Use #3 (Display your Logo), Grow #4 (Grow Your Book List from Twitter and Facebook), Market/Share #5 (Share with People your latest blog) and #6 helps bring it altogether.

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About Tony Enterprises:

Our company assist authors with websites, logos, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and etc), marketing, press, and much more!

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Tony Enterprises Partners with Hoodz of Orlando For Marketing Growth

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Hoodz of OrlandoOur searching marketing experts have teamed up with Hoodz of Orlando to grow the internet side of their business especially in the Orlando market.

Our Team recognizes how difficult it can be to move up in the Google ranking as well as establishing an internet presence that drives revenue through SEO.

With the assistance of our SEO Experts, we can help remove that headache and roadblock your company once had and assist you in driving revenue like never before.

With our SEO Services, Our goal is to turn your visitors into your clients. We recognize that this competitive market now requires companies to seek NEW business from a range of sources including the Internet.

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Tony Enterprises Partners with Zachary Gier Enterprises Based in Tampa

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Tampa LocksmithOur internet marketing team has partner with Tampa’s Top Automotive locksmith, Zachary Gier Enterprises. This up and coming company have been servicing the Tampa area for the past 5 years providing residents with car key replacement, emergency lockouts, replacing car remotes as well as replacing proximity smart key fobs.

This family-owned business has made it their priority to offer competitive prices as well make it convenient for customers by coming to their residence when performing the service. Many have quit working with their local franchise locksmith like Pop-a-lock and over -priced dealerships after learning about Locksmith ZG. Their affordable prices coupled with their excellent customer service has kept business thriving in this competitive industry.

To learn more about Zachary Gier Enterprises visit

How Facebook Ads & Google Rankings Can Reshape Your Company’s Sales

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Facebook-vs-GoogleA Majority of us woke up this morning and turned to our bedside to catch up on Facebook or to Google something that we had been thinking about all night.

Throughout the day, we repeat this same process over and over with also a helping hand from Twitter and Instagram, but most us keep it simple and “flick” our days away on Facebook and Google.

Imagine some of the top Execs and a majority of your customer base is spending rough 65%-80% of their day on these Social Platforms.

Think how incredible it would be if everytime they visited Facebook, they were greeted with a informative Sponsored Post of How you company can help their bottom line or (insert your services).

Many of us still have that mindset that Facebook is built for just connecting with old friends and to snoop on our family and friends. Well its time to change that Frame of Mind and think of it has a Business Opportunity.

Facebook Marketing/Ads

Welcome to Leads Central!!! As I mentioned earlier, over 50% of your untapped market is sitting on Facebook right now.

Imagine if only 5% of that market came knocking on YOUR Door thanks to a Facebook ad that they saw?!!

Now before you click off this blog, to go start a Facebook Ad, its KEY you build an ad that is targeted to your MARKET. The biggest complaint many of us had when we run ads in general is we typically see no leads come through and we immediately say

UGGGGHHHH!!! That was a Waste of Money!!!!!!

The real reason it failed is we typically overlook or forget to target our market and really hone in on BUYERS not just observers. As someone who did Sales for over 10 years, you will have plenty of people “Window Shopping” but its key to bring in those “HOT” Leads.

Let me Help You with Building a Facebook Ad

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Google Rankings 

Google Rankings

Google Ranking…..The Holy Grail of Lead Generation! If you haven’t’ already experienced what Google Rankings can do for your Business, you are MISSING OUT!

Improving your Businesses Google Ranking can truly mean the difference in generating $1000/month or 10,000/month.

Many of have the idea that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is “Expensive” or “Ineffective”. Time to change that idea as they some of the most affordable marketing programs…. not to mention it’s also a great research tool to identify current events in your industry and in your target audience.

Let me explain…

I’m currently working on some keyword research for a personal trainer in Orlando.  He’s currently marketing phrases on his website like “personal trainer” and “fitness trainer”.  Those are all fine but the research tells me that people are actually looking for geographic specific personal trainer.  They’re typing in “Orlando Personal Trainer”, “Orlando Fitness Trainer”, etc.

Knowing what your audience is looking for, and the ENSURING they can find YOU via the search engines is THE BEST way to get traffic that Converts into Sales. $$$$$

Is Your Website Contributing to your Company’s Revenue?!  Get a FREE Website Evaluation to SEE How I can Help

Needing Assistance?

You have come to the right place, Our Team works with businesses on developing a focused Marketing Plan that includes looking at your brand and overall business strategy and make sure it is in line to drive the Most Profit.

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The Side of Marketing They Didn’t Teach You

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Marketing EvolutionMany of walk us around with a Marketing Degree in our back pocket or have experience working as a Marketing Manager for a company, but have we truly learned the Evolution of Marketing or better yet are we keeping up with the Jones?

I prompt this question as many of take what we learned in a textbook or even from word of mouth and attempt to apply it to our business and marketing schemes… But is this the right thing for your particular business? Let’s take a look at very different factors you must consider when marketing your business.

Understanding Your Market

Understanding your market is critical to your success as many of us have a “belief” who are market is, but truthfully we haven’t done enough analysis to truly pinpoint our exact market. Many turn to geographically maps to study what the average household income is, what the average consumers expendable income is, how far their willing to travel… but overlook some of the simple factors that stare at us right in the face.

Questions you should be asking:

Is your market responding to the price of your product/services?

Are you making it convenient for prospects to determine what you offer and for what price?

Are you promoting your product where your prospects/potential customers can see?

Can they easily locate you via Google for a variety of keywords that explain your services/product?

Once you address some of these questions, take a look at your average customers Age, potentially their income and what keeps that coming back versus going to your competition. Do not be afraid to ask your customers what keeps them coming back as you may be undervaluing certain aspects of your business that may be keeping people coming back.

A great example of this is many return to a business due to the friendly staff. I myself go back to the same Starbucks time and time again because the staff is a pleasure to work with. Make sure your staff is properly compensated and treating your customers right and you will most likely see a nice return especially if your marketing message is in line with it all.

Marketing Message

Going back to our previous discussion, is your Marketing Message aligning with your “Target Market” and ….

Spelling Out EXACTLY you Offer and for How Much and What Makes You Different?

Many of us tend to forget we must peak the interest of the consumer in our Marketing Message and if we don’t the average consumers attentiveness is less than 5-10 seconds (Thanks Facebook and Instagram). With that being said, The average customer is NOT going to go DIG for Price, Product, Or Compelling Reason Why. These Must be stated in the Marketing Message.

Many believe a marketing message can only be conveyed via a Post card, Handouts, Marketing Material… but the message should be universal. What do I mean? The Following should Line up:

  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Marketing Material
  • Staff Members
  • Email Signatures
  • Mass Emails

All these mediums should convey and similar message. So if your most popular product is a Protein Powder.. You should sharing that its the most popular and promoting the heck out of it! These mediums provide your business an opportunity to PROMOTE the heck out of your Company’s Goal and Products.

Addressing Rebuttals

With almost every household keeping a close eye on their monthly expenses, it critical you answer the rebuttals that would keep them from even CONSIDERING your business as an expense. The most obvious is Price… Take your business hat off and look at it from a Consumer standpoint and ask:

Are you getting a good deal? Do you feel okay paying X amount for the service you’re receiving?

Most of you will come up with some fancy reason why you can justify the cost, but for someone who has a relative idea of the business is the price enough to get them in the door? Many of us eliminate a huge market because we out price ourselves (many on purpose), but many are ignorant to the fact that we need to lower our prices. This ties all back in to point #1 and understanding your market and what your competitors are offering versus what you are offering and if what you include justifies the cost of the service/product.

The Takeaway

Stop being comfortable with your business and take a step back to recognize the shift in the market. Many of you will read this and continue your old habits and find yourself losing a huge chunk of revenue because you’re not keeping up with the Jones. Take a second to re-establish a new look and relationship with your market or potential market and adjust accordingly.

Needing Assistance?

You have come to the right place, Our Team works with businesses on developing a focused Marketing Plan that includes looking at your brand and overall business strategy and make sure it is in line to drive the Most Profit.

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Why Creating A Website Isn’t Enough.. Google Rankings Matter

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Small-Business-SEOMany small, medium and large businesses along entrepreneurs believe developing a website will give them that competitive edge or help their business flourish. While having a well designed website can speak volumes to your business, if the website is not optimized for Google and the Search Engines chances are your customers and/or potential customers will not be able to find you.

It would be like a College Graduate creating a Resume and expect the job offers to come strolling in. Unfortunately, much like Websites there are a thousand Resumes out there that you will be competing with. To top it off, creating the resume is just the start, much like creating a website is just the start.

Marketing yourself is the key to driving new business and potential prospects. Much you apply for jobs and you supply the potential employer with a resume, when you market yourself on the internet your website is your resume. The key thing to remember here, no one will look at your website or for this example your resume if is at the bottom of the pile or if its on page 10 in the Google Results.

Being on page 1 or page 2 for “Keywords” that potential customers would search for can drive “your target market” to check out your website and inquire about your services.

Having your target market come to YOU is ideal and the best part of having a website that is optimized for the Search Engines!

Orlando Internet Marketing

Tips to ensuring your site is optimized for Google:

  1. When hiring a web designer see if they offer SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  2. Ask to see other sites they have managed that Rank high for key terms for that client
  3. See how long they have been doing SEO and if they are qualified

How Can Tony Enterprises Assist?

Our company is equipped with trusted and personable SEO experts that are happy to review your website and provide you a Free Quote to turn your website around and make it a revenue generating platform. Most importantly we will walk you through your where your current site is at and realistic expectations as to when you can see an increase in traffic and showing up for keywords that align with your companies product and services. Learn more about our SEO Services

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Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training: The Business and Growth

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The growth and popularity of Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Pinterest has brought a new life to Online Personal Training as fitness enthusiasts and fitness beginners now follow and request online training from fitness experts on these social networks. The popularity of these social media platforms has allowed trainers to monetize their knowledge and expertise on these platforms. The leading social network is Instagram as it allows bodybuilders, trainers and fitness models a way to express and demonstrate what you can do for clients if they come on board with you.

Instagram and Online Personal Training

For Instagram Bodybuilders, Fitness Experts and Personal Trainers the phrase “A Picture is worth a thousand words” is now “A Picture is worth a thousand Dollars”. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, taking your business online and into the social media world can mean big dollars. While many are reluctant to offer advice or put pictures of their clients progress, providing a living example of what your clients are capable of accomplishing with your services is an easy way to gain followers and have Instagrammers inquire about your services. The key is to grow your audience so that numbers are in your favor and odds are someone will inquire:

Below are a few simple ways to gain followers and grow your audience:

  • Tagging pictures with Fitness inspired Hash tags (#)
  • Provide a detailed description of your picture
  • Provide simple yet unique facts that followers can use in their personal life (diet secrets, changes in their lifting form, etc.)
  • Develop a website that offers an insightful blog (again offering insightful tips)
  • Offer multiple packages on your website that allow customers to sign up and purchase immediately
  • Answer fans request on Instagram (worst thing you can do is ignore them)
  • Develop a Brand (Great example is Bradley Martyn who has grown his followers to 76687 with his own marketing/giveaways and hash tag #BMFIT)
  • Tell YOUR Story (having a background of where you came from and how you got to where you are today is key!)

Instagram has honestly become the best tool for Personal Trainers to capitalize on for Online Personal Training as it allows you not only a visual of what you can do for clients, but also a way for you to explain what went into the training. To take a step further, it allows you to correspond back and forth with potential clients without having to resort to Email, Text or a Phone Call.

Online Personal Training and Facebook

Online Personal Training

Facebook allows you to give a more in depth look at your training in the gym along with you training clients at your own personal gym. It also allows you to market and re-market folks who potentially may have forgotten about your Online Training and with a monthly reminder of your packages you can now remind them of your services. Facebook has in some ways replaced the necessity of Email Marketing if its done right. Statistics have shown that once someone likes “Your Page” the chances they will “Unlike” is highly unlikely unless you’re constantly putting up junk.

Allow Facebook to be an extension and confirmation of what you demonstrate on Instagram. The reassurance of what you do and the success you have with clients around the world will now put ease in the buyer when they decide to hit “BUY NOW” on your website.

Benefits of Online Personal Training

As someone who has tried both in-person and online personal training, I think there are definite advantages to both. If you’re a beginner or someone who enjoys face-to-face interaction and/or a set structure, in-person training is probably best for you. But if you just need a little nudge or some extra expertise, an online trainer is a great way to make your investment last alot longer.

Explaining to your clients the benefits is critical as well.

To learn more about how I can help your Online Personal Training Business, Call me at 850-543-6119 or email me at

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